The holiday のシーンから


Amanda: Okay, this is seriously cool.
Olivia: Come inside. Lie down.
Amanda: Okay.
Sophie: Here, Amanda. You can use my pillow.

Amanda: Thank you.
Olivia: Lie down!
Graham: Can you please stop being so bossy?
Olivia: Lie down, please, next to me.
Amanda: Okay.
Graham: Very nice.
Olivia: Excuse me.

Amanda: This is an exceptionally great tent.
Graham: lt's got something, hasn't it?
Sophie: lt's cozy.
Amanda: Yeah.

Amanda: Who cut out all these beautiful stars?
Sophie: We did.
Olivia: The Three Musketeers!
Olivia: Amanda?
Amanda: Yes?
Olivia: You smell lovely.
Amanda: Do l?
Olivia: Yes. l love perfume, but he won't let me wear it.
Graham: Because you already smell so good. So do you, by the way.
Amanda: Thanks. But l'm older, so l guess l'm allowed.
Graham: Exactly.

Olivia: l like your eye shadow.
Amanda: Thank you.
Olivia: And your lipstick.
Amanda: Thank you. lt's new.
Olivia: What's it called?
Amanda: l think it's called Berry Kiss.
Olivia: Very Berry Kiss it is. Berry Kiss.
Amanda: Let's see? lt looks good on you.
Sophie: Amanda? You know, if you wanted to sleep over, that would be all right. We could push our beds together.
Graham: Sorry.
Amanda: That's so sweet of you to invite me......but maybe another time. Would that be all right?
Sophie: Yes.
Graham: Good girl.
Olivia: We never have grownups here that are girls.
Sophie: l know.
Olivia: l really like it.
Sophie: Me too.



bossy 親分ぶる
cozy 居ごこちのよい
Musketeers マスケット銃兵
berry ベリー(ブルベリーなど水分のある小さな果実)
grownup おとな(adultよりくだけた語)



The Holiday は、女性監督 Nancy Meyers の
主役は、 Cameron Diaz, Kate Winslet , Jude Law, Jack Black. 



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