Dirty Harry (1971) my policy

Dirty Harry  (1971)  のキメ台詞で英語練習2 

my policyのシーン
dirty harry_my policy


M: Mayor
C: Chief
B: the boss of Callahan
H: Callahan(Dirty Harry)

C: Mr. Mayor, Inspector Callahan.

M: All right.

M: Let's have it.

B: Have what?

M: Your report. What have you been doing?

H: For the past 3/4 hour... ...I've been sitting on my ass (waiting on you | in other office)

B: Damn it, Oh, Harry. It's the mayor you're talking to.

M; Won't you sit down, Inspector Callahan?

M: There's a madman loose.

M: I've asked you what's being done. Fair enough?

H: We've got a dozen men checking identification files. Checking on all known extortionists, rooftop prowlers... ...rifle nuts, peepers...

B: Mr. Mayor? We've arranged for ..yeah.. rooftop surveillance and helicopters...control ...especially around ...yeah.. the Catholic churches and schools... ...and in the black area.

H: Ballistics is checking on the slug. We're sure it's a 30-06. Seven lands and grooves, right-hand twist...

B: And, sir. We're running a computer check... ...on everybody in the files whose birthday falls between... ...October 23 and November 21.

M: Why?

H: Natives of Scorpio.

M: Thank you, Inspector. Have you mentioned this note to anyone? How about you?

H: Nobody.

M: Your wife, sweetheart? Press?

H: Nobody.

M: All right. Give the message to the Chronicle. We'll pay. But we need time to get the money together.

H: Wait a minute. Do I get this right? You'll play this creep's game?

M: It'll give us breathing space.

H: So, It might get somebody killed. Let me meet with the son of a bitch!

C: Nope, none of that. We would end up with a real bloodbath.

M: I agree with the chief. We'll do it this way.

B: Thank you, Mr. Mayor. Come on, Callahan, let's go.

M: Callahan!

H: Sir.

M: I don't want trouble, like you had last year in the Fillmore district. Undestand That's my policy.

H: When an adult male is chasing a female... ...with intent to commit rape, I shoot the bastard. That's my policy.

M: Intent? How did you establish that?

H: When a naked man are chaseing a woman in an alley with a knife and a hard-on... ...I figure he isn't out collecting for the Red Cross.

M: I think he's got a point.




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